A Greenhouse Boom Is in the Krasnoarmeyskiy District Now

224 greenhouses with a total area of 71.5 thousand square meters were built in the district in 2013 (in 2012, 44.1 thousand square meters were built). In total, since 2008, more than 1.2 thousands of greenhouses with a total area of 20 hectares have appeared in the district.

The rural settlements of Ivanovskoye and Staronizhestebliyevskoye, which accounted for 60% of total greenhouse agriculture area, are leaders in the development of vegetable on the protected growing soil.

In 2011, 2012 and 2013, the Krasnoarmeyskiy district ​​ranked the 1st place in the cluster "Crop Growing" among the municipalities in the Krasnodar region. In 2013, more than 400 experts and representatives of different forms of ownership have the opportunity to increase their knowledge in various fields of agricultural production, and their training was paid from the regional budget.