Investment projects

Industry classification
Declared area (m2)
Investment capacity, mln rubles
Conditions of investor participation
Electricity supply (m)
Water-supply (m)
Gas-supplying (m)
Sewage system (m)
Name Industry classification Investment capacity, mln rubles Declared area (m2)
Construction of the plant for the production of environmentally friendly building board of surplus agricultural production 1900.00 200500.00
concrete production workshop, concrete products Extractive industry and natural resources 58.71 52233.00
Сonstruction of pharmaceutical production Manufacturing industry 3066.92 146866.00
Construction of a logistics center Agriculture 233.13 64547.00
Construction of a factory for the production of frame panels used in the manufacture of prefabricated houses Manufacturing industry 51.87 513280.00
Complex of roadside service Transport 52.00 2470.00
Placing processing enterprises of soybean Agriculture 326.73 2000.00