Social and economic situation of the Municipal Formation

The Krasnoarmeyskiy district is situated in the western part of the Krasnodar region in the immediate vicinity of the regional center – the city of Krasnodar. It borders the Abinsk, Dinskaya, Kalininskaya, Krymsk, Severskaya and Slavyanskiy districts. Its water resources are represented by large and abundant rivers Kuban and Protoka that border the territory of the district from the south to west and connect it with the Sea of Azov. The district has a well-developed transport infrastructure. The total length of paved roads is 517 km, and they connect the district with the cities of Krasnodar, Novorossiysk, Rostov-on-Don and lead to the Black and Azov Seas. The territory of the Municipal Formation is 1,899.1 sq. km. The Municipal Formation consists of 10 rural settlements joining 43 settlements.

The distance from the city of Krasnodar is 90 km, and from the port city of Novorossiysk is 110 km.

The population of the district is 104 thousand people.

The administrative center is a village of Poltavskaya.

Social and economic characteristics of the Municipal Formation Krasnoarmeyskiy District

The main sector of the economy of the Krasnoarmeyskiy district is agriculture. The total area of its agricultural lands is 143 thousand hectares. 38 agricultural enterprises and 126 farms are involved in cultivation of agricultural products.

The district is a center of rice cultivation in Kuban. The reclamation system occupies more than 80 thousand hectares of 130 thousand hectares of the farm fields. It is 36 percent of the rice areas of the district and 17 percent of the rice areas throughout Russia.

Over the years, the Krasnoarmeyskiy district has been a leader in the western zone of the region in terms of the yield of cereals, legumes and pulse crops; it produces more than 400 thousand tons of grain annually. The district specializes in the production of wheat, barley, sunflower, vegetable and crops, but the most important thing is rice. Cultivation areas of these crops are a third part of the regional index here. Up to 40 percent of the rice is grown in the Kuban region, and it is up to 20% of the whole rice grown in Russia. In addition, livestock industry is rapidly developed in the district. 16 farms including two poultry farms and a fish farm are engaged in livestock in the district. More than 40 thousand tons of milk, 8.0 million tons of meat and more than 50 million eggs is produced here annually. It is respectively 17.25% and 23% of the products produced in the entire western zone.

The Rice-Growing State Stud Farm Krasnoarmeyskiy named after Maystrenko, the Elite Seed-Growing Enterprise Krasnoye, the Grain Company Poltavskaya (LLC), the Farm Firm Poltavskaya (CJSC), the Television Company Maryanskoye and K and Kubris (LLC) have a decent economic situation in the region today.

There are more than 30 processing and industrial enterprises in the district. The largest of them are: the Poltavskiy Bread-Baking Complex, OJSC and Angelynskiy Elevator, OJSC; their main activity is acceptance, storage and processing of agricultural products. The volume of production capacities in the Poltavskiy Bread-Baking Complex is over 150 thousand tons of grain, and that one of Angelynskiy Elevator is 105 thousand tons.

The Bread-Baking Complex of the Krasnoarmeyskiy district consumer’s association is one of the largest in the region; it produce 35 names of bakery, 10  names of confectionery products  and up to 6 tons of bread per day. One of the most promising enterprises of the district is Kamavtoresurs; it carries out major repair of KAMAZ trucks, as well as construction and repair of community facilities. The company has earned a great reputation not only within the district and region, but also far beyond Kuban. It has more than a thousand permanent partners.

The Krasnoarmeiskoye Maintenance Depot, OJSC engages in construction, repair, maintenance and landscaping of roads. There are 2 asphalt plants, an asphalt storage for 1.5 thousand tons, 150 units of special equipment, a fleet to clean roads and a single in the region unit on the cold pavement recycling on the territory of the enterprise. Marker, LLC provides road marking on the roads of the Krasnodar region. The Poltavskiye Canned Food Company produces a variety of canned vegetable products – green peas, squash spread, beans, sweet corn, a variety of sauces and ketchups. The Orekhprom Company located in the Cossack village of Maryanskaya is also rapidly developed.

A social sector is decent developed as well. The district has a municipal budgetary health-care institution Krasnoarmeiskaya Central District Hospital, which consists of the central regional hospital, 4 district hospitals, 5 outpatient clinics, 21 medical and obstetric stations. There are 65 educational institutions, 47 cultural institutions and 186 sports facilities in the district.

The Administration relates prospects of the district development to the development of the industrial sector and carries out an active investment policy, being a member of the Sochi International Investment Forum every year.

The Krasnoarmeyskiy district builds strong mutually beneficial relationships with the business and is open to any business proposals.